Training on “Zoo Management and Disease Prevention Activities of Different Animals”, 22 – 26 July 2019

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The International Center for Development Communication (ICDC) under the Extension and Training Office (ETO), Kasetsart University organized the Training on “Zoo Management and Disease Prevention Activities of Different Animals” for ten (10) Livestock officers and animals caretakers from Bangladesh National Zoo under the Department of Livestock, Bangladesh. It was held on 22 -26 July 2019. This program aims for the participants to acquire knowledge or ideas regarding zoo management system in Thailand, Animal husbandry and handling (especially captive animal environment, feeding, management, disease prevention and Presentation) and zoo animal behavior. This was done through sharing and discussion with pertinent facilitators, the officers and experts from the Bureau of Conservation and Research, Zoological Park Organization of Thailand and the officers of the place visited such as Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Sriracha Tiger Zoo and Safari World. ICDC also organized cultural trip for the group to Pattaya where they have enjoyed the view point of Pattaya, and the beauty of the Nongnooch tropical garden. This program is indeed a success as the participants gained much knowledge from the program that can be applicable in their job back in their own country.